Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap

Size: Medium / Large
Sale price$35.99


The Help ‘Em Up Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap provides additional walking assistance and extra leverage for owners of dogs using the Help ‘Em Up Harness.


The Help ‘Em Up Harness Walking Leash/Shoulder Straps come in two sizes: medium/large and extra-large to accompany dogs using the medium, large, and extra-large Help ‘Em Up Harness. The Walking Leash is adjustable and is used for walking, but also doubles as a shoulder strap for extra leverage when lifting and/or walking with bigger dogs. It also features a new “loop connector” at the end of a strap that helps to lock it onto the rear hip-lift handle to hold it in place. The other end of the strap has a metal clip that you clip to the D-ring on the front shoulder harness.

Help ‘Em Up Walking Accessories are non-refundable


Pair with matching harness


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