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Tikr is an interactive treat toy that will surprise and delight your doggy pal for prolonged periods of time. Fill tikr with treats, then set the length of playtime by turning the built-in timer dial. There are NO electronics to break, and NO batteries to charge or even replace.

  • Playtime can be as short as 5 minutes, or as long as 45. You decide!
  • Tikr rewards your dog's play and curiosity with gradual access to the treats inside.
  • Treats can only fall out when the timer-controlled holes in the toy align, so your dog remains captivated throughout play.
  • The treat holes are different sizes, so larger treats are saved until the very end. First the small, then the medium, and finally the large treat!
  • Holds up to 1 cup of dog food
  • Tikr is made from a food safe rubber-like blend that's flexible, extremely durable, and easy on your dog's teeth.
  • Oh, and did we mention... no batteries or charging required!
  • For dogs up to 50 lbs, larger size coming soon!

Tikr snacks are uniquely shaped, sized to work perfectly with tikr's holes, and are available in fantastic flavors that'll make your dog flip! Any treats that fit in the Tikr will work.


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