Slater 90s Dog Collar

Size: Sm 9-12"-- 1" wide
Buckle Color: Black Plastic
Material: Yellow Webbing
Sale price$30.99


The Slater collar screams Saved By The Bell! This is the collar that all Baysiders must have for that 90's nostalgia feel. Let your dog share in on the 90's era you remember. Made from Rifle Paper Co. Cotton Canvas, this collar is stylish and long wearing. Canvas is thick, durable & washable.

✔ It utilizes large gauge D-Rings so you can rest assured your pooch is secure on his or her lead
✔ It’s made of washable nylon webbing so you can keep your pup’s specialty dog collar in pristine condition
✔ It’s made in the USA
✔ It’s built to last—we use tough nylon webbing that can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure

We make our dog collars in 5 sizes and 2 widths. No matter if you have a Great Dane or a toy Poodle, you will find a Mimi collar that fits just right, is super strong, and matches your dog’s hip style.


 **This item is handmade and can take 2 to 3 weeks lead time before shipping takes place. 

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