Remedy + Recovery E-Collars

Size: Small
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Remedy + Recovery E-Collar

  • Safer than other Elizabethan Collars Because it Does not Block Vision. Easy to Adjust for Perfect Fit. Comfortable and Humane
  • Helps Overcome Lick-Bite, Itch-Scratch Cycle. Ends Self-Inflicted Wound Aggravation.
  • Allows Topical Medications to be Effective, Allows Healing to Occur.Padded Neckline for Comfort.

Lightweight plastic half circle with vinyl padded neck for extra comfort. Folds and snaps to form a cone around the animal 's neck to prevent it from chewing or licking a sensitive area, bandages, wounds or open sores. Special holes at the neckline allow for attaching to collar to hold the snaps behind the head and allow for total peripheral vision.



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