Hurtta Trainer's Vest

Size: XXS
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The training vest is designed to serve the needs of dog enthusiasts in a variety of activities. The vest is made from Houndtex-laminated, water-repellent, breathable and durable sports fabric. The lining is made of a comfortable mesh fabric that transfers moisture. The vest has a closefitting waist and high collar, both of which are adjustable, and a thin, waterproof hood that can be folded inside the collar. The vest is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. The thoughtful details are ideal for canine activities. The front of the vest boasts four zipper pockets with plenty of space for important items. One of the lower pockets features a detachable inner pocket that can easily be washed after use. There are also two big open pockets at the bottom that are easy to access. A big pocket across the entire width of the back provides space for larger motivational toys and accessories. One breast pocket is especially designed for oblong motivational toys: it can be opened either from the top or side so the toy can easily be taken to use. There are also rings and clips around the vest for attaching various accessories. There is an opening in the breast pocket for headphones or waste bags.

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