Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall

Size: 12 L
Color: Heather
Sale price$81.99


Soft and warm quilted overall for everyday and city walks for short-haired and
hairless dogs. The L fit is a special design for sighthounds and other slim breeds.
Overall provides ideal protection in cold and windy weather. The water and
dirt repellent surface material is nice and pliable, as well as being silent in use. The
product features Ultra Sonic quilting and warm wadded lining.
•Shell fabric 100% PES (150D (=thickness in denier) Mechanical stretch
•Lining 100% PES
•BIONIC-FINISH®ECO treated surface repels water highly efficiently
•Warm and soft 100g wadded inner lining
•L-sizing designed especially for sighthounds and other slim breeds
•Comfortable and almost silent material
•Highly visible 2mm wide 3M-reflective piping
•10mm wide reflective print on the zipper
•Reflective zipper puller
•Comfortable and adjustable 15-25mm wide elastic waistband
•Adjustable neck
•Yarnless quilting produced by melting the fabrics together with Ultra
Sonic quilting technology

30L / 12L
Italian Greyhound,
Chinese Crested Dog
35L / 14L
Basenji, Miniature Poodle,
Italian Greyhound
40L / 16L
Standard Poodle, Kromfohrländer,
Manchester Terrier, Basenji
45L / 18L
Whippet, Cirneco dell'Etna,
Peruvian Hairless Dog (large)
50L / 20L
Whippet, Hungarian Greyhound
Sloughi, Pharaoh Hound
55L / 22L
Giant Poodle, Saluki, Pharaoh Hound
Galgo Español, Azawakh
60L / 24L
Afghan Hound, Podengo Ibicenco
Saluki, Galgo Español
65L / 26L
Galgo Español
Polish Greyhound
70L / 28L
Borzoi, Greyhound
Scottish Deerhound


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