HALTI Optifit Headcollar

Size: Small
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This is is an awesome alternative to dogs that tend to pull. Works great for very strong pullers. Gentle leaders give you control of the head which helps reduce pulling. Take a walk on the gentler side with the Halti Black Head-collar for Dogs! Your pet really doesn't mind being lead around by the nose - which is what Halti Black Head-collar for Dogs' innovative design allows! You have greater control, and your pet feels more comfortable. The Headcollar has a safety loop that connects to a regular collar. This prevents your sweet pup from getting off the lead if the head collar should slip off by accident.



  • Gives you control of their dogs while walking
  • Allows you to lead dogs by the nose
  • Features safety loop that attaches to regular collar
  • Prevents dogs from getting off the lead if the head collar accidentally slips off
  • Internal padding for supreme comfort and durability
  • Reflective side strap for additional visibility
  • Dual interlocking buckle for additional security


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