Earth Animal Organic Herbal Remedies Aches and Discomfort Tincture For Dogs

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Earth Animal Aches and Pains Dog Supplement

Help your dog reduce pain with this natural supplement. It uses natural ingredients such as White willow bark and Vervain to assist in reducing inflammation. Willow bark has been used throughout history as a natural pain reliever. It naturally contains Salicin which is known to reduce pain. The added Devils Claw is a herb that also naturally assists in reducing pain.

This remedy can be taken orally and is perfect for reducing pain in the legs, hips, teeth, gums, ears & more! It is an all natural treatment that is effective.

1 - 7 lbs......4 Drops
8 - 15 lbs......5 - 8 Drops
16 - 35 lbs......10 - 12 Drops
36 - 85 lbs......15 - 18 Drops
86 lbs & Up......20 - 25 Drops

Size: 2 oz

Active Ingredients: Extracts of White Willow Bark, Feverfew, Vervain, Meadowsweet Leaf, Black Cohosh Root, Devil's Claw, Rehmania, Licorice Root, Yucca Root.
Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol, Glycerine, Water.

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