Booster Block For K9 Sport Sack

Size: XS/Small
Sale price$9.99


The Booster Block is an insert for the K9 Sport Sack which adds 3 inches of height for shorter, thicker dogs, growing dogs, or dogs that just need a boost in their current size. Made of high quality foam and removable, washable cloth.

  • Removable Cloth
  • Quality Foam
  • Built to Last
  • Washable

For Growing dogs, In-between-er dogs, wide body - but short, or dogs that just need a little boost in their current size.

Booster Block size correlates with the size of K9 Sport Sack. The Booster Block is designed to be a tight fit in the K9 Sport Sack to ensure a snug and sturdy fit while in use. While using 2 blocks for 6" addition height is fine, we do not recommend using more than 2 Booster Blocks in a K9 Sport Sack.   

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